Stratagene Mx3005p Real-Time PCR (5-channel) + Computer - Calibrated & Certified

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Stratagene Mx3005p 5-color Real-time PCR machine.  Comes ready to use fully tested and calibrated (see calibration certificate in pictures).  Includes a fully configured new laptop with MxPro software.  This machine includes 5 filters and has been tested to meet or exceed Agilent specifications.

Filters included:
Excitation: 492, 535, 585, 545, 635
Emission:  516, 555, 610, 568, 665

Will work with the following fluorophores for single or multiplex experiments: FAM, SYBR, HEX, JOE, VIC, ROX, TEXAS RED, CY3, CY5
- High performance real-time PCR machine with 5 filters
- Uses standard 96-well plates or tube strips
- Includes fully configured laptop with all required cables and software
- New halogen bulb
- Fully calibrated and certified including optical alignment, temperature uniformity / accuracy, and optical filter performance testing
- Certified with a qPCR test achieving an excellent R2 of 0.995
- 30-day warranty